Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Week and Three Days

Oh boy!!!   Moving day is coming closer and closer.   I alternate between panic and thankfulness.   Panic at what is left to do and thankfulness that I have as much done as I do.

This week I wanted to have the upstairs completed.   And I basically made it...this is the guest room.  My son is taking the bed and the chests and lamps.   Things in the closet are going with me in the tank.  The boxes on the chests have space to tuck a few more items in before storing.

My office doesn't look quite as done, but things need to stay out until later.   No the tv doesn't need to, but I am going to keep it until the end of the week.   The three boxes are my kid's school papers that I am continuing to go through.   Two boxes are finished, just have one left and it is not packed tightly.   My son is taking the computer desk and table.   The little stuff plus the computer and printer are going with me.

There are three large closets (not including the clothes closets in both bedrooms) upstairs and I have managed to go through them all and they are empty.   I went through all the pictures...didn't realize that I had so many - 6 file boxes.   Only taking one box with me to scan into the computer.   Leaving the rest as they are in albums...lots of albums...tons of albums!!!!!!

I managed to go through all our paper work and went from six boxes to two...still shredding the last pile.

All the clothes have been sorted, given away, or ready for packing.   The only thing left in the master bedroom is to take three empty small pieces of furniture to storage.   That's on the schedule for tomorrow, right after I take the load I have already in the 'tank'.

That leaves the kitchen - a small galley kitchen - and the laundry/pantry to finish this week.   

I guess that is more info than you wanted to hear about but now that I look at all that is done, I guess I will make it.   My goal is to finish by next Saturday so that I have a few days to rest before leaving. 

I will let you know how I do at the end of the week.   Actually, I can't wait until all is done and we have arrived at our destination so I can get back to my regular posting.   Believe me, I miss my craft activities and projects.   

Again, thanks for stopping by...have a great week.