Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Twenty-Three Days and Counting Down!!!

This is what my studio/office looks like right now...a grand mess.   I had hoped to have the guest room packed by the end of this weekend as well as a good start in my office, if not finished.   Well, that deadline blew right past, as you can tell.   

This was the opening weekend for the musical and it just took too much time (and energy)!   Thus, I didn't make it.   The guest room only has a few things left to pack, and I will probably be up late watching the returns tonight, so maybe there is hope.

My studio/office was going good until I hit a major snag in the moving process today.   I was packing my things in small plastic containers which I had planned on packing in the vehicle that we would be towing.   WELL......that went by the wayside when I found out that I could not rent anything to tow the vehicle because I have a Ford Explorer.   I didn't realize that the major roll-over case in the late 90's had an impact on renting, but apparently it did.   Thus, we are having to drive both vehicles out.   

And that means I can't pack it full.   So, now I am removing my things from the plastic cases and packing them in boxes to be mailed out.   Fun!   Just one in the line of many snags to this temporary move.   But we are going forward.

I did get my fabric packed for storing.   This is what I decided to keep out of the four shelves of fabric that I have...
In most cases there is only a small single piece about 5" by 8" of fabric.   Of course, I am going to also bring the charm packs that I picked up on my Shop Hop, so I will have about three times that amount of fabric.

I am only taking two things to set around.   The pictures aren't great, but the items mean a great deal to me.   Having been there on 9/11 means that it was a major experience in my life...

I have been taking a load of stuff to storage each day.   Up to 99 boxes and lots and lots of small pieces of furniture, etc.   At least that part of the moving is going well.   Actually, all in all, things are going fairly well.   The logistics are kind of crazy.   

First we pick up a truck on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.   Move a couple large items to storage.   Pack up the things for our son who lives in NYC.   Then pick up a trailer to tow one of the cars to NYC.   Leave for NYC around 4am Thanksgiving Day.   Unload the truck at our son's place.   Take the truck and trailer to a U-Haul Center (which is open).   Drop them off (after taking the towed car off).   And continue on our way to Utah with one other major stop to see another son for a quick meal at a restaurant close to Highway 80.   Sounds like fun!!!   Right???

Well, check in tomorrow to see how things are progressing...

And thanks for visiting...