Friday, November 5, 2010

Twenty Days and Still Counting Down

Remember these pictures of my office/studio partially packed and sorted?   Well, this is what it looks like now...

The things on the shelves are either waiting for space in a box, to be given away or will be going in the car.  The guest room is just as far except that now I am using it as a staging are for packing, that means there are several boxes in various stages of packing.

So I am getting there but at the same time there are only 20 days left...that's less than three weeks folks!!!   

This is the second weekend of the musical.   On Sunday, we strike the stage for good.   Sad....I have enjoyed working with everyone.   Happy...because I can concentrate on getting the house packed and stored.    

I managed three more trips to storage since the last posting.   I am now packing about half boxes and have furniture.   I have also packed the last of the craft items which I am taking.   They will be shipped on Monday.   Once we get there and settled in, I'll show you what I decided to take...probably more that I should, but definitely less than I wanted.

Next week I plan on getting everything upstairs packed and either shipped or brought to storage.   That will leave the kitchen and cleaning for the following week.   Thank goodness for pain pills...I have consumed a lot of those lately.

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.   Thanks for visiting...hope to see you next week.