Friday, January 7, 2011

Frugal Friday Roundup and the Honest Scrap

Wow, it's already Friday...the week seemed to fly by.   I thought that maybe getting back to a more normal schedule would slow things down a bit...guess that's not the case.   Yes, I know that the actual time remains a constant, it's the whole perception thing....

I want to thank my friend Bonnie of Farmgirl Musings who presented me with the Honest Scrap Award.   We've known each other for decades, literally...although it seems like yesterday when we were hanging out together crafting our hearts out.    

Part of accepting this is to share ten honest things about myself.  That's kind of here goes:  
1.  I'm retired and loving it because now I can spend time pursuing my love of writing and art.
2.  I love New York City.   There's no other city like it and I really miss living there.
3.  I also love Maine...actually, I have had a love affair with New England most of my life...and I loved living there.
4.  I'm the world's best procrastinator...I can putter hours away to avoid something I don't really want to do.
5.  I've recently temporarily relocated and although the mountains are not my favorite (I really miss the East Coast, especially it's time zone.), I have promised myself to have lots of fun adventures exploring the area.
6.  I can't leave a quilt store or a fabric store without purchasing some fabric, even if it is only a couple of fat quarters...make that a dozen fat quarters!
7.  I love to much so that I will organize my art stuff rather than actually creating something...especially when I can't face a blank canvas.
8.  I absolutely love reading books on my iPod Touch...I know it's small, but I'm the opposite of most folks...bigger is better is not my motto...smaller is better.   I'm waiting for a tv about the size of my iPod Touch.   That would be heaven to me!  And yes, I do watch movies on my iPod Touch.
9.  I spend way too much time playing games on my iPod Touch.   I just downloaded 'Angry Birds' and they're's addictive.
10.  I need to lose weight and exercise more...well, maybe tomorrow.   Now where is my favorite box of candy...chocolate covered cherries!!!!
Thanks Bonnie....

Now, onto my Friday possibilities.   Along with trying to find a more simple lifestyle, I am still working on a more frugal lifestyle.  With retirement has come a bit of belt tightening.  

So one of Friday's possibilities will be sharing my adventures in living a frugal lifestyle.   I will also be continuing my $25.00/week challenge.  

One of the books I am re-reading right now is 'Your Money or Your Life'.   I'm going to read it first before going through the exercises.   But again, it has opened my eyes to exactly where money fits into my life.   And sometimes it is a little discomforting.  

I'm still trying to figure out the whole frugality thing and how it fits into my life.   I understand that I need to live within my means.  But beyond that, I'm not quite sure.

I hope you will join me as I venture into this unknown area...and if you have any pointers, I certainly would appreciate them.

I hope your weekend is great.   Be sure to take some time for yourself...

Thanks for stopping to you Monday...