Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today has been delightful.   Lots to do with my grandchild.   We went to another movie...Turbo...and it was great.   I wasn't too sure how they could make snails adorable, but they did.   It has a great message and humor for all ages...I laughed outloud several times.  

The finger puppets are not quite done.    They still need some decoration.   AND now we are making a childsize mask also!   Should be interesting.

The inchie swap deadline at Roses on My Table has been extended for a couple days but I thought I would share mine with you...

As you can see, it's three dimensional.   I used a three squares from a tissue box for the base, glued together and edged with black paper adhesive tape (1/4 inch wide).   (I really like this tape.   It comes in several different colors and can be used in lots of applications.)

The flowers are out of a card.   I have a tiny hand punch for the flower shape.   I cut stems about 1/2 inch long and glued them to the back of the flowers.   The 'vase' is a cylinder of colorful paper which I squashed down and folded in half and glued to the base.   I also added a bow out of the same paper.   I then filled the 'vase' with tacky glue and stuck the flowers in.   This way there is substance to the 'vase' and the flowers will not move.

It was fun to make.   And I find that I really like working with dimension on the inchies.  And I am still amazed with how little supplies I need to have fun making this tiny works of art!!!

On another note, unfortunately, when Google Reader shut down I placed the blogs I was following into the Old Reader until I decided which of the readers I would choose.   Well, apparently lots of folks decided to do that and it crashed.   As it is still out of commission, I may have to rebuild my blog list from scratch.   Oh well, who knows, I may find lots more interesting blogs to follow!

And again, to folks visiting the WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE TOUR,  just click on the WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE 2013 TOUR found on the side column to visit my studio.   And thanks for all the comments.

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