Thursday, July 11, 2013


Welcome to all the blog party visitors!   I hope you enjoy yourself on the Where Bloggers Create blog hop.   And I thank you for stopping by here and checking out my creative abode.

This is an old, narrow house and I decided to use the dining room for my studio.   The dining room is red...I love the color.   The first picture is looking from the living room and the second is looking from the kitchen.   The dining room is in the middle of the house.  The doorway on the left in the second picture leads to the stairway.

I placed my shelves around the room and arranged two folding tables, each about two feet by four feet, in an 'L' shape in the center of the room.

To hide things which I have under the tables, I created a curtain with a heavy duty cloth painters dropcloth attaching it to the tables with adhesive backed hook and loop tape.  The containers are back far enough so I can easily work at both tables.

I have an old school desk for my sewing machine.

There's a single shelf next to the doorway to the kitchen with a small shclf next to it that contains my creative videos and dvds..

I like to create small pictures using fabric so I have many, many pieces of fabric - fat quarters and smaller - sorted by color.

The four boxes on the bottom shelf contain a small piece ( about 3" by 5") of each of the fabrics on the shelf.   That way I can take fabric with me (in my travel trailer) when I go on vacation.

On the wall opposite the window I have three shelves full of boxes and plastic containers.  As you can see, I like my supplies organized.

Next to the three shelves, I have a small shelf on which I have some of my art books, current papers and my camera equipment.

I don't do a lot of painting but when I do, I have a chair and easel set up in the corner of the room.

When I work at my 'desk', I either face the living room or the window in the dining room.

One of my favorite organizers is my lazy susan.   I attached containers with hot glue.   And now it contains all my pencils, markers, etc. within easy reach.

I have two constant companions that keep me company and sometime drive me crazy.   Meet Chip and Dale.

So you may ask what type of art work do I do?   I like to work with fabric most of all, creating pictures.

But I also like to try lots of other things like creating baskets with newspaper yarn...

Or watercolor...

Or inchies...

And I like to take part in challenges like ICAD, creating art on one index card a day for two months...

So now you've seen my studio where I write my blog and make my artistic creations.   I want to thank you for taking part in the tour and checking out my space.

I hope you'll come back often and check out my blog.   You'll find weekly journal prompts and monthly focus thoughts.   I generally post five weekdays with posts varying from creative adventures to places that I've visited to just about anything.

As a matter of fact, I'm hosting a one month inchie challenge in August where I will create one inchie each day.   What's an inchie?   It's a one inch square piece of art.   Check the side link above the Blog Archive for information about inchies.  I invite you to follow me and if you want, make some inchies yourself.

And now I hope you'll visit other bloggers and explore their creative spaces...

Thanks for visiting...
See you soon...