Thursday, August 1, 2013


Wow!   When I first wrote about doing an INCHIE CHALLENGE, it seemed like a there was a lot of time left before it began.   And here it is, the first day of August...the first day of the challenge.  So without further ado, here is my first inchie.

Butterfly and Roses.   

Here's how I made it...
I began with three pieces of lightweight cardboard from a tissue box, glued together and edged with 1/4 inch wide green paper tape. 

I cut the roses out of a greeting card and used a piece of a thin styrofoam cut in a small circle, glued to the back of the roses and then onto the background to raise the flowers.

The butterfly is a sticker which I adhered to an index card, cut out around the butterfly shape, bent the wings up and glued to the roses.

Very simple really, but quite striking and perfect for the first day of August.   As I was looking on the window writing this, I saw a couple of small butterflies in the yard, flitting about.   But they left before I could get a picture.

Well, I'm off and running with the Inchie Challenge.   I hope you'll check back each day this month and if you have a chance, make an inchie or two yourself.  

Do you enjoy general craft shows? 
I really enjoyed the Carol Duvall Show on HGTV and wish she was back.   I liked Creative Crafts with Aleene and DIY shows with Martha Stewart.  

I can't find any of Aleene's shows, but her daughters Heidi and Tiffany have an online site called Cool2Crafts.    The HGTV web site does have Carol Duvall Shows available, a few at a time.  And Martha Stewart is on HULU.  So if you're like me and enjoy a craft show every once in a while, there are opportunities.

For those of you getting children ready for school, I hope you find everything you need.   But, be sure to savor these last few weeks of summer with them.   As many can tell you, they grow up fast...

Thanks for dropping by...
See you tomorrow...