Friday, August 2, 2013


Someone asked me why I would go to all the trouble of doing an Inchie Challenge.   At first I thought, well, I enjoy making inchies and wanted to share that with others.  

Then I thought, it may encourage others to learn about inchies, maybe even try making some. 

Finally, I realized that what I really wanted to do is show everyone that making inchies can be as easy as cutting out some pictures and stickers and gluing them onto a one inch square canvass. (Like yesterday's inchie.)  Or, as intricate as drawing a tiny masterpiece or even making a book.  

I really wanted to encourage folks to try it.   The cost of supplies can be practically negligible.   A scissors, ruler, pencil and glue are the basics.   Most everyone has scraps of paper and fabric (and I do mean tiny scraps) to use.   For the base, check out the cardboard boxes that tissues or cereal come in.

So, take today's inchie.   I call it Fireworks...

If you really look at it up close like this... will see that it is made up of a base (three squares of lightweight cardboard glued together) covered with white paper with a sun burst design,   The edging is 1/4" copper adhesive tape (Check out the stained glass craft section - one role lasts a long time.)  Then I added three shiny star stickers, some beads and glitter. 

It is very dramatic and yet there was very little to making it.   I will be doing more intricate inchies later this month, but I wanted folks to realize that it's an easy craft to do with great results.   AND, you can store all your supplies in a shoe box.   Really, you don't need much space at all.

So, how is August going for you?    I decided it was time to begin my summer reading so I've started reading Diane Mott Davidson's Crunch Time.   I really enjoy mysteries and especially Ms. Davidson's books.   

I'm also reading John Spong's Eternal Life:  A New Vision.   Very challenging!   So, what's on your reading list?   Anything good?   Let me know if you find some great mysteries.   I'm always looking for suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by...
See you tomorrow (Yes, I know it's the weekend, but I did say an inchie a day during August!)
Enjoy your evening...if the weather's nice, spend some time outdoors...