Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holiday Planning and More LSNED Pages

I saw a post noting that there were only 99 days until Christmas!   And Chanukah is much earlier...actually, Thanksgiving time!

Wow!   Yes, I do know that 99 days equals more than three months but at this time of the year, those three months disappear faster than a turkey at Thanksgiving!  (And for me, my calendar has one very big addition...I will be putting my stuff in storage and heading out in my trailer around Christmas.)

So, I ask...how are your holiday plans coming?   I decided, at the request of a couple of my children, that I will be making most of my Christmas gifts this year.   That's four kids, each with families.   Hmmmm...well, that may be a bit ambitious.   But, I do have a start.  

Since I like to quilt, I thought small blankets/throws may be in order.   At this point, I have four in various stages.   For instance,  I thought this would be the easiest one - A Bandana Quilt...

I actually saw this on someone's blog and thought it would be a great one for guys...and a very quick one to make.   My plan is to use fleece for the back so it would be a good snuggle quilt.   I might not even have to use batting if the fleece is thick enough.   Think that would be a good idea?

These are the leftovers from a quilt top that I have already put together.   Pictures coming tomorrow...

Mug rugs and coffee sleeves seem to be really popular, so I plan on making several pairs using leftovers like those above.  I was going to get an ironing board cover for the heat resistant fabric, but  the only ones I could find were just plain cotton.  And after visiting fabric and craft stores, I came up with a big fat zero.   Riding to the rescue is Amazon.   My order is already winging it's way to my home.

More tomorrow on my holiday plans.   I did want to show you a couple more of my pages for LSNED - Learn Something New Each Day.   I have actually kept up this year.   And my scrapbooking is getting a bit better.

The first picture is about exactly what it says...the benefit of continued learning throughout your life.   Not necessarily in a formal setting, just keeping your mind open to new discoveries and how they can shape your life.

This post is about fall.   Actually, fall is the answer to a question.   Looking over the pages I have already done, I see that fall is prominent in many of them...think I like this time of year?

That's all for today, thanks for checking in here at my blog...
See you tomorrow...