Friday, September 13, 2013

Swimming and iPhones Do Not Go Together!!!

Okay, it's late so this post will be short.  

My phone decided to go swimming this morning...dare I say the toilet!!!   At least the toilet had been flushed!!!

This was not the best of ideas...water and iPhones do not go together well!!!  Thus ensued a day with Apple and a prayer of thanks that I had Apple Care so the replacement phone did not cost me an arm and a leg.   As a matter of fact, the Apple folks were really nice and very helpful and the replacement phone was really, really inexpensive.  

And best of all, I have a new working phone.   End of story.

Weekend's almost here.   Lot's of football (I have a college game on now!)

Weather update:   It rained all day's raining now.

Thanks for dropping in...
Have a great weekend...
See you Monday...