Monday, July 20, 2015


Yes, it has been quite a while since I last posted...two weeks to be exact.   The short story is that I finally did get Lady J...all fixed the tune of $6,000 but that included a new engine and cooling system.  

And considering how I really taxed her by having her pull a trailer which exceeded her pull weight (by a lot!) around the country not once but twice I am not really upset.

My grandchild and I did make it to the campsite at the Rocky Mountain National Park the afternoon of Sunday, July 12th and the rest of the family joined us around midnight.

Unfortunately the internet connection was so weak that I couldn't post while we were there.   We spent all week enjoying the park.   It is beautiful and quite different from the other parks I have visited.  

The trip from the park to Utah was very eventful...storms, high winds, rain, etc.   My trailer faired okay but another trailer in our group did suffer damage.   And when you consider that going downhill required a lot of power...yes, going downhill...VERY LARGE gas mileage sunk to the lowest I have ever had.  

At any rate, I did make it...had a lot of fun...including all the changes...and now I will be able to post regularly once again.

There's a new weekly journal prompt posted.   And I will leave you with some pictures I took while hiking...

Thanks for stopping by...