Thursday, August 13, 2015


My computer had a few problems which needed solving the past couple of days which resulted in no posts.   All is good, and it is working much faster.   I've been a bit busy doing some light maintenance and organization projects here at one of my children's homes.

Duchess needed a bit of carpentry work.   One of my work counters was being held up on one end by a stack of plastic shelves.   I thought a more permanent fix was needed, so I picked up a twelve inch board and attached it to both the wall and the counter.   Much better solution.

My son's trailer also needed some work.   First,  a leg on the table between the benches was loose and I need to figure out a way to put it back together.   Of course, it couldn't be an easy fix like just replacing a screw.   But, I think I have it figured out.  

Also, the runners on the shelve beneath the sofa were not working and just pulling it out on the floor was creating havoc on the drawer.   So, I have three one bys made out of oak to level the drawer.   Once I attach those to the bottom which will be tricky, I will add four sliders to each piece and hopefully that will make it easier to pull out.

I have also been helping my grandchild totally reorganize their bedroom, fitting in a full size bed and finding places to display a gigantic lego collection.

And Lady J is in the shop...nothing to do with the engine or cooling system.   I was hoping for a mild brake job but the brakes are fine.   Guess I will be replacing the rotors.   By the time I am finished, Lady J will be a brand new car!!!

Only eleven days before I leave for NYC.   Seems hardly possible.   I thought I just got here.   I am trying to put together some motels to stay in along the way, but finding them mostly full.   It will be interesting...I may stay at truck stops once again, but I don't mind.  

Two places I want to visit on the way out are Arches National Park and take my time going over the Rockies on I70 and maybe explore Denver a bit.   Lots of really great experiences.

And speaking of experiences, I read an article over at the Be More With Less Blog called "10 Adventures That Prove That Experiences Bring More Joy Than Stuff".   It's a great read with several ideas.   Check it out, you may find it helpful.

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