Monday, August 17, 2015


There's a new weekly journal prompt posted...Plan BUT Leave Time For Spur Of The Moment Activities.  

I remember an interview many years ago with a very prominent and extremely successful magazine editor.   Her life seemed to revolve around plans and lists.   Even lists of seemingly inconsequential things like making coffee or getting dressed.   Not only did she have lists but her plans were detailed in fifteen minute segments.

I was tired just listening to her and today I feel a bit sorry for her.   Her life was so scheduled that I wonder if she had any time to stop and smell the roses.

And as much as I like to plan and schedule things, I always leave time for those surprises.   Or, I will simply scrap the plans in favor of a spur of a moment activity that sounds absolutely wonderful.

I guess planning with spaces is what I do best.   For the fall 'new beginning', I am simply drawing up a list of things that I want to accomplish.   Some of them, like classes, museum events, etc. have specific times and dates.   But others are less time specific.  

For instance, now that I will be staying in NYC longer than originally planned, I want to bring all my furniture down from Maine and decorate my home.   I'm thinking shabby chic meets vintage, or something to that effect.

That means that my studio which is still going to be my main emphasis will have to change.   I will be finding more stable tables than the portable, plastic ones.   I also want to have a better shelving system. That means checking out the used furniture stores in the area.

Another creative venture that I will be working on is finishing up a book of meditations for women to sell (very inexpensively) on Amazon.   My deadline for finishing is the end of the year with a January e-book publication date.   (Another time of new beginnings!)

On another note, I will be leaving a week from today.   Wow.   The grandkids here go back to school on Thursday.   Again Wow.   Time does fly when you're having fun, doesn't it?

I've been trying to finish up the maintenance jobs in the trailers and get things winterized and packed up.   At least Lady J is all ready to go.   First stop will be Moab and Arches National Park.   I do promise lots of pictures.

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Talk to you tomorrow...