Monday, September 21, 2015


It's cool...I mean really, really cool!!!   I think fall has arrived, right on schedule.   Hip Hip Hooray - let's hear it for Fall... All together now...Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

I took my bike out today.   I actually got on it and rode without falling!!!   I wasn't quite sure how I would handle should have seen me the first time I tried riding after several decades of no biking.   I thought my oldest was going to faint, I was so wobbly!  

Not trusting how I would do, I stayed in the parking area today.   Think a four block long parking area along side the street.   After riding the length ten times, I realized that it had been a long, long while since I last rode...that's forty blocks, folks.   My legs were burning.

So, I got off and rested for twenty minutes, then rode another five lengths before calling it quits.   Oh, and it was cool enough for a zip up hoodie!!!

So, tomorrow, I will ride again.   I think I will stay in the parking area one more day before tackling the bike path along the water.   I should have it down pat by then...still getting used to changing gears.

The bike I had before this one only had three gears (My new one has three on one side and five million on the other!?!?!)  The the one before that - my first bike - had no gears!!!

So, I promised an update on my goals:
     Work on the book of meditations - I try to write each day but life intervenes so I write about four days a week.
     Bring remainder of furniture down to NYC - This is getting closer as I am doing it in conjunction with one of my sons depending on when he gets an apartment and I think he will have one the beginning of October
     Create a more permanent home/studio - That will get underway as soon as I get my stuff...but in the meantime, I have shopped for a table and chairs as well as some office desks, used of course.   I will be going out this week a couple times to look for items.
     Decorate for fall -DONE
     Attend Quilter's Take Manhattan - That's this coming weekend - just in time for the Pope's visit. Should be an interesting time...I think most of Manhattan will be in a mess.   I take mass transit but I think lots more folks will be also.
     Back to regular exercise - Biking and Walking
     Back to better eating - Probably should cut back on the coffee and Diet Coke, but hey, they are my mainstays!
     Lose five pounds each month - I have lost three so far this month
     Join Craft Group at local Library - Craft Group discontinued but I did join Empire Quilters - DONE
     Learn GIMP - Continuing to go through the tutorials, layers getting easier to understand
     Learn to juggle - Let me just say that I am a clutz when it comes to this, but I persevere
     Gear up for long bike rides - Got a good start this morning!
     Begin planning and creating gifts for the holidays - Love that first ornament I made.
     Continue exploring NYC - Of course,

Football this past weekend was great...lots of good games...along with a few that weren't so great. But, hey, it's football...what's not to love!!!

There's a new weekly prompt posted.

Tomorrow, I'll take a picture of my know, I don't have a name for my bike, I'll have to come up with one since I plan on spending a lot of time on it!!!

Thanks for stopping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...