Monday, October 5, 2015


Well, apart from the pea soup saga, my weekend went quite well.   Watched a lot of football, played some games - I am becoming addicted to building houses in Minecraft!!! - read, worked on some projects, did a bit of cooking and was invited out to dinner.

Without the peas for pea soup, I changed direction and made some chili...always a great cool weather food.   I am not a purist when it comes to chili.   I put everything in including the kitchen sink and beans so it becomes a really hardy meal.   And to make it easy, I used my large crockpot.

One of the hints for making good chili from Cook's Country which I now use is to NOT fry up the ground beef first in a frying pan.   Rather, add small amounts of the raw meat into the tomato base liquid while it is slowly boiling.   The meat turns out much softer and you don't have to worry about it not getting done because really good chili needs several hours of slow cooking.  I always top the bowl with some shredded cheese which really rounds out the flavor.

I also took the remainder of the pork picnic that I made last week and made it into shredded barbque pork either for sandwiches or over rice...

All I did was put the meat and some barbeque sauce in my small crockpot and let it go until the meat shredded easily.   

I was feeling great last night when I went to bed so I had a lot planned to do today.   Well, I woke up with a headache, itchy eyes and full sinuses.   There went my active day...have to remember to take allergy meds from now on.   Not sure if I will make it out of my pj's...odds are I won't!

Tomorrow is the opening for the restaurant up in the Bronx.   Think I will go there and surprise everyone.   They usually want me to wait until they have things up and running.   

I did finish embellishing my Zen Stitching Block...

The actual stitching I did find Zen Like...the embellishing, not so much.  Maybe if I get used to working with beads it will be more 'Zen" like.   I will have a chance to find out, though.   Remember my eye candy quilts for the holidays?

Embellishments are me!!!   Each of those little critters are next in my embellishments basket.

So, there's a new monthly thought posted, "We're on our way to new beginnings...but simply.'  That along with this week's Journal Prompt "Small changes are less stressful!" are my way of saying that new beginnings do not have to be big.   Bigger is not always better.   Actually, a lot of times it is just the opposite.   

Our culture constantly beats the drum to multi-task, buy this and then you'll be happier (They forget to leave out...and more in debt.), go big in whatever you do.   In other words, nothing is ever enough. 

Well, that's just plain wrongheaded.   Life is what you make of it.   And if you want to go big...go right ahead.   But, if you want to make small changes, try new things slowly that's a perfect way to go also.

Remember the old adages to 'stop and smell the roses', or 'wake up and smell the coffee'.   Well, they've been around for a long time.   1940's and 1950's!   Even then we were on a fast track to bigger and better things at the expense of everything else in our lives.

I remember when everyone wanted to own the biggest house in the community with the most and latest cars.   And now, I look around and many folks want to downsize.   Live in smaller homes, own less things.  Be in control of their lives rather than a slave to their things.

So, while you're thinking about new things to try or change or begin, remember they can be big or little...whatever floats your boat...but added stress is not what you need.   Especially as we enter the holiday season of the year for many of us.   So, small and simple is just as beautiful as big and extravagant.   And, actually, in my book small and simple is even better.

Thanks for dropping in...
Hope you helped yourself to some tea or coffee (or even a soda)...
Talk to you tomorrow...