Friday, October 9, 2015


Well, it is earlier than yesterday...actually yesterday's post turned out to be early this morning.  I think I am back on schedule.   But wait, maybe not.  

I was scrolling through my sent emails wondering why I had not heard from folks...for some reason none of my emails went out this past week.   That was strange.   No wonder I had not heard from folks.   So I resent them all out.   Hopefully, this time they will arrive in the proper inboxes and not just stay in my emails not sent box!!!

Tomorrow is The Empire's Guild Monthly Meeting.   I did something I wasn't going to do...I volunteered for something.   Just a co-chair for one of their committees.   It probably won't take much time other than setting up and taking down at a couple of meetings.

Anyway, the speaker tomorrow is Kathy Hahn well known for her New York Beauties.   Should be fun and interesting.  I have always admired those quilts but quite frankly am over my desire to make one.   I never tired of looking at them, though.

I put a couple of fall things on my table...

Things are still a bit unorganized.  They will be until I get the rest of my stuff from Maine in a week or so.   And then at the end of the month when my son moves into his own apartment I can really decide how to organize things.

I'm not sure where to put what.   I don't really want to put my studio in the bedroom.   But on the other hand, I don't use the bedroom for anything other than guests.   I sleep in the living room...go figure.

I did have an opportunity to get an apartment with a balcony which I truly wanted.   But not for an additional $600 a month.   I decided I would rather use that money for activities in NYC than on a balcony! What do you think?  Would you spend the additional money?

I found my friendly witch.  She's hanging on the inside side of the front door...

I smile every time I leave the apartment, she's just so cute.   And as promised, here's my wreath on the outer door of my apartment.   The door leads to the hallway, not outside...

It really is quite lush for leftover fall leaves.   Oh, and that little white box with the circle below the wreath is my doorbell.   The apartment doorbell is so soft that I can't hear it in the bedroom or in the far end of the apartment.   So, I picked up one of those electronic ones ($6.66 on Amazon) that has about twenty different rings including holiday ones.   I love it.   My son, not so much!!!

I hope you have a great weekend and that the fall weather is just perfect for you.
Thanks for visiting...