Friday, November 20, 2015


Wow!  Friday went by in a hurry.   Course, I was a bit busy cleaning the apartment, washing clothes and organizing the kitchen, etc.   I am alway surprised at how much fur and how many feathers my little critters can make.

But, all's quiet now and I am going to watch a show on Acorn, the BBC app which shows mainly BBC shows.   I watched the Islands of Britain yesterday, a three part series, which was very interesting.   Martin Clunes of Doc Martin fame hosted.  

I think I will watch another episode of  DNA, an interesting mystery show after listening to the Air Force/Boise State game which is turning out to be an excellent game.

I finished the stockings and hat ornaments and I thought I would show you what they look like completely finished...

I decided against using any glue, so everything is hand-sewn.   The scarf and mittens on the hat are made out of wool felt and that ornament really is precious with those two additions.  

So, what are you planning for the weekend?   I have been out both days the past two weekends so I am planning on staying home this weekend watching college football on Saturday and pro football on Sunday.   Hopefully, I will be able to see some of my favorite PBS cooking shows also.

And, I really want to finish all the ornaments so I can box them up and have them ready to go right after Thanksgiving.

I made a great soup last week, so this weekend I think I will make a rice/lentils/onions dish which I really love.   Maybe some humus.   And I am finally out of bread, so I will be baking a batch of bread. Good weather is forecast so maybe a walk would be in order, that is if it isn't two windy.

Hope you have a great weekend...
Talk to you on Monday...