Tuesday, December 1, 2015


No, my tree isn't up yet.   This picture is from the Christmas I spent in an old home in Portland, Maine.  I posted it to give me a bit of a boost to get the tree up this week...yes, this week.   A feat! As you can see, I 'stuff' my trees full.

If you read the article on goal setting I suggested yesterday, you can easily see some of my goal setting mistakes.   The word SMART really does help.   That is:  Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-Bound.   With those ideas in mind I set my goals for this month.

1.  Take down and pack away the fall decorations this week
2.  Unpack and sort Christmas decorations - giving away those decorations I no longer want/need - this week
3.  Decorate the apartment with remaining Christmas decorations - finish by Sunday evening
4.  Purchase presents, wrap and send by December 14th
5.  Finish making ornaments, package and send by December 14th
6.  Exercise daily:  5 chair reps 3 times daily; 10 curl reps 3 times daily; 2 one minute balance reps 3 times daily
7.  Exercise weekly:  Walk minimum 15 miles
8.  Practice juggling ten minutes five days a week
9.  Write one hour a day, five days a week
10.  Read 30 minutes daily
11.  Write/publish blog five weekdays
12.  Spend one hour non-directed creativity
13.  Lose five pounds plus those I gained on Thanksgiving by end of the month
14.  Explore five NYC adventures this month

Okay, there you have it.   My goals for this month.   Think I can achieve them?   I hope so.  

It's been raining all day here.   I managed to drive out to Amityville, NY to drop off my donations and check out the thrift store which is really great.   I also did a bit of shopping on the way back.   I made it just in time to get a parking spot....whew!   Like I said, if you're not here between 4 and 4:30, you may have to park several blocks away.

That's all for today...
Thanks for dropping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...