Thursday, December 31, 2015


Another year is rolling to an end and the new one gearing up.  The good thing about today is that I feel well for the first time since before Christmas!!   Even went to pick up a few things at the community grocery store.

And...AND...I have been cooking.   First time since Christmas...really!   So what have I cooked.   Well, I picked up a small bag of pita low salt chips to snack on.   Then I thought...'Um, humus would sure go good with these.'   So I made some humus.

As I was working on that I thought that I haven't had any pea soup for a while.   So, I got the pea soup going in the crockpot.

Next, I realized that the heavy cream which I just bought was not needed for my eggnog recipe.   So, I thought...'How does one make clotted cream?'   Off to the computer to find a recipe.   Easy...whip the cream to stiff peaks, add some sour cream and confectioner's sugar (both of which I had).

But now that I had the clotted cream made what to serve it on?   Well, I had oranges and cranberries plus flour, sugar, etc.   Orange/cranberry scones sounded good.   They're cooling right now.

Finally, I realized that I have almost always had hoppin' John's for New Years.   Out came the black eyed peas, the couple small breakfast patties, onions, carrots and seasonings.   After a quick soak, I added the veggies and sausage and seasonings which I had already precooked.   As soon as the black eyed peas are done, I will add the rice and hot sauce.  (Just added the rice!!)

See what I mean...I cooked.   Still haven't eaten except small tastes of the clotted cream and humus. 

One doesn't value feeling well until you don't.   I know that lesson well but it seems that I have to relearn it every time.   If things keep going like this, I will definitely be able to enjoy some of those Christmas decorations missed earlier.

Of course, my days have also been full guessed   The next two games will decide who goes to the College Playoff Game on the 11th.   Those I am looking forward to...should be interesting.   

If you are going out and enjoying New Year's Eve parties, I hope you have fun but please be safe.   I'll be watching the ball drop...alas...from my apartment.   But very thankful for the gift of another year completed and the anticipation of the new one beginning.

Thanks for stopping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...