Wednesday, December 30, 2015


It's the Sixth Day of Christmas...let's see that's 'six geese a laying'!  

My Christmas cards this year were a New York City version of the 12 Days of Christmas.   So,  the sixth day in this version was 'six take-out deliverers leaping'! Right on, as in leaping off their bikes or out of their cars.  Stay out of their way!!!

Once again, I am not well.   I had plans to visit the Botanical Garden today...scratch that.   The son who gave me this gift at Christmas stopped by yesterday and he wasn't feeling good either.   We've decided that we are about 70% to 80% back to healthy.   But that last 20% to 30% really impacts any desire to do anything.  He, of course, has to go to work.   Me, retired, can stay home.

It's not all bad, though...there is football.   May I repeat that...THERE IS FOOTBALL!!!   Lots of it.   I can't wait to go cold turkey - NOT!   Unfortunately, the Bowl Games will be mostly coming to an end after this weekend.  That leaves the NFL and the final college game on the 11th of January.   Way too much about football?   Sorry about that.

The good news about the Botanical Garden is that it will be up until the 18th of January so I will still have time to see it.   The other decorations like the tree at Rock Center stay up until the 6th as do the other trees that I want to see.   So maybe there's hope.   That is if I can get well.

So, have you been making that list of dreams, hopes, goals, ideas, etc.?   I have begun to make a list but am having a hard time taking my own advice.   In other words, I do have big dreams (No, not the lottery!) but I hesitate to put any of them on my list...chicken!!!  

Oprah has a new ad out about losing weight and the question she asks is 'If not now, when?'   That's the question I should apply to my list..if not now, when? Think I'll put at least one of those dreams on my list...maybe more.

Have you practiced thankfulness this week (as in the Weekly Journal Prompt)?   No?   Me neither.   It's hard to be thankful for being sick...even when getting better.   So, I will change that right now.   I am thankful for all of you folks who take the time to read my ramblings.   You make my day...really you do.  And I hope to continue that relationship with you into the New Year.

For now, thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...
Be safe...