Thursday, December 17, 2015


Well, this seems to be a time for running out of 'stuff'.   Today was car moving day here in my little corner of the world.   So, I thought I would get the rest of the stuff I need for baking.   Thus, out I went into the rainy, gloomy weather to slip and slide to a grocery store.

Remember yesterday I couldn't find peppermint candy canes...will this store had them all over.  And only for a $1 a box.  Live and learn!

However, the candied fruit that I need for my fruitcake cupcakes was hiding. I finally found them....all 17 containers...tucked away in a little corner far, far away from any baking supplies.   Christmas is a week away, can most of the candied fruit really be gone?   I guess so.

I did find it though as well as the other fruits like raisins, prunes, apricots, etc.   But no currents. None!   No where!   So I got more raisins and dates to cover.

I will be baking tomorrow and Friday.   It's been a while since I have had an opportunity to bake so I am really looking forward to having fun.   So, what am I baking?   Well, here's the list:

Fruitcake Cupcakes (I have an order for 8 dozen of these from different folks)
Icebox Fruitcake (This is a southern dish with many variations.   I am making the one that my mother-in-law made.   Very, very rich good.)
Angel Cookies (This is a recipe from one of my best friends.   They are absolutely melt in your mouth delicious.)
Russian Teacakes or Greek Wedding Cookies (This is a cookie that I learned to make from a Greek next door neighbor to my husband's folks many, many years ago.   Later I learned that it had several names and that my mom made these also.)
Gingersnap Cookies (Although I do not like store bought gingersnap cookies, this is my mom's recipe and I really like them.   Plus, they are easy to make!)
Carmel Refrigerator Cookies (One of the best of the World War II cookies utilizing what products they had on hand.   Easy to make.   Great taste.   Stores in the frig before baking for a long time.)
Shortbread Cookies (This is an easy drop cookie that my grandma use to make.   As it's not super sweet I do add frosting.   Actually, this is the only cookie that I add frosting to.)
Krumkaka (I found my iron and am excited to making these now that I have a gas stove.   It doesn't work as well on an electric stove.)
And last but not least,
Lefsa (This is a thin potato based 'bread'.   Not exactly sure how to describe it but, if your of Scandinavian Heritage, you know what I am talking about.}

I'll take some pictures while I'm baking.   Sorry, but all the tasting will be me.  

Thanks for stopping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...