Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Another flower from the botanical gardens.

Well, can you believe that there may be a blizzard here in New York City in a couple days!!!   Of course, it's only a forecast and the weather models don't agree on what type of storm we are getting.

I can imagine what the grocery stores are going to look like!!!   Folks go crazy around here at the slightest mention of snow!!!!  At any rate, I now think that I will skip the thrift store on Friday if it looks like there will be full fledged blizzard.

I have been working on my journal page for this week but I warn you, it's strange...
Yep, really strange.   I decided to use my acrylics, just picked out the colors and began painting with no real plan and this is what happened.   Chaos and Order!   Maybe Order and Chaos?  Not sure. After I finished I just looked at it trying to figure out what it has to do with the current weekly journal prompt about current adventures.

Maybe it's showing me how crazy the adventures are in my mind right now!!! That could be it. Well, I was going to put it away for a day but then I wanted to work with white.   Huh?   So this is what happened...
Better?   Worse?   Don't ask me.   I am definitely putting it away for now to think about what's going on in my head!!!!

So, how are things going for you today?   Are you 'getting back on the horse' after being thrown for a loop over your goals.   I far I have most of my daily things accomplished.   Still have one more set of exercises to complete but I'll be doing that right after I finish this post.

Speaking of exercise, I have a problem with the boys and my exercise mats.   They like to shred them!   I have given up on the mat under my bike.   It will be a goner by next spring.   But when they started in on my new mats...well, things got a bit testy.   Unfortunately, you can guess who won.

Now I have a blanket on the floor covering my mat between uses.   It has stopped them from clawing, but now they sleep on it and aren't happy when I want to use it!   Boys will be boys and Chip and Dale are no different.

Back to your goals...did you take the time to consider any problems that have shown up?   Too many goals, not the ones you really want, schedule too rigid, or maybe you're just not a goal person.   No problem with just have to find another way to make your dreams (remember, that's what I am talking about when I say goals.) come true.

You might be a person that wants to dive right in.   On the other hand, you may want to think about things for a while before giving it a go.   My suggestion is that you think first about what your dreams are; and second, what is the best way for you to fulfill them.   There's no such thing as one size fits all.   You have to find which is the best way for you.

Well, thanks for stopping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...
If you're in the snow storm path, be sure to get ready.