Monday, February 1, 2016


February is known as the month of love and red roses.

So, the temperature topped out at 58 here...I keep having to ask myself what the date is!   And, yes, it is February...February First to be exact.   I think that is still a winter month, right?   Tomorrow we could hit sixty plus, folks.   As a matter of fact, we're supposed to be warm all week.

Lady J and I made it out to run some errands today.   A couple of them were impossible that no parking in picking up a few groceries and stopping at an office store.  I think I will be hoofing it to those places tomorrow.

Well, did you have an opportunity to revamp your goals/dreams/plans?   I did.  I don't know about you but when I make plans in January, I always think I am super human or something because some of my ideas can be way over the top.

That's why I really do take a second look at my plans. Then I can get a (more realistic) do-over beginning in February!

So here is one of my the exercise department.   I realized that three times a day just did not work out for me.   I am not a morning person and no matter what time I wake up, exercising will not take place until my eyes are open and my mind is fully functioning (well, as best it can at least!)

Therefore, I am keeping the same amount of exercises both type and quantity but I am dividing the total in half instead of thirds.   So far so good.   (Of course, it is only day one of this new plan!!)

On another note, I did another bunch of inchies.   They are similar to the pink ones, but a bit different...

This month's thought is 'Regain your own perspective."   It's a way to help each of us remember that we need to value ourselves, our own choices, our own aspirations, our own lives.  I hope you keep this thought in mind throughout the month.

And to help us begin, this week's prompt is 'Let's Get Real'.  I mean it...let's be real about ourselves.  It should be an interesting journal post.

Thanks for stopping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...