Friday, January 29, 2016


TGIF!!!   I like Fridays because that means that the weekend is next...a time to do lots of different things like attending festivals and special events.   And after last weekend's blizzard, I am looking forward to getting out.  

This weekend I am going to Smorgasburg Williamsburg.   I think it's a cross between a food truck gathering and a really, really large indoor flea market.   Sounds like fun.   I'm not looking for anything to purchase although if I see a stereoscope pictures, I may pick it up. But for the most part it's just a time to 'window shop' and enjoy looking at lots of different things and maybe taste some unique food.

I have my grandma''s old stereoscope and love to look at the pictures...
Above is a photo of that stereoscope.   If you're not familiar with one, when you look through it, the pictures appear in 3D.  

Remember those plastic 3D scopes.   I had one when I was a child.   You put a round cardboard disk with pictures into the slot and then advanced each picture with a lever.   The pictures were 3D and they were really cute.  I had some of Disneyland and the grand canyon and cartoon characters, etc.

So, what did you think of yesterday's post?   See yourself in any of it?   I think we are all guilty to some extent of 'living' in the future.   But, like I said, small doses are much better than total obsessions.

Monday begins a whole new month...a new beginning of sorts if you like to think about it that way.   Hope you're on board for experiencing fantastic 2016 adventures as well as dreams, goals and plans.   Have a great weekend.

Talk to you on Monday...
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