Thursday, January 28, 2016


It's almost the end of January.   Time to finish up re-evaluating your goals/dreams/plans for 2016.   BUT, and there is a but, my question is this.   Where is your mind living?

Weird question?   Yes, in a way.   But not really.   Stay with me.   I was sitting in my favorite chair looking at my Christmas Tree,  (Yes, it is still up and will be until after the Superbowl!)  and basically daydreaming.   Daydreaming about the future.

Now, don't get me wrong.   I think there is a lot to be said to just sit and daydream.   Remember how we used to do it as kids...laying on the grass, looking up at the clouds and dreaming about what we would be when we grew up?   Research on daydreaming indicates a strong, active brain.   Check out this article at The Smithsonian.

But, and this is my question, can one daydream so much that they forget to live in the present?   Can one think about future dreams and plans so much that they can't appreciate the present, or what they have now?

It's happened to me many times.   How about you?   I finally arrive at what I want only to begin thinking about what's next...the next dream...the next plan.

There's a fine line I think between obsessing about the future and daydreaming about it.   When one daydreams about future plans, once done they can get back and appreciate the present.   When one obsesses about future plans, it is hard to stop thinking about them long enough to even be present to the present.

What brought this up?   A comment I heard about someone's future plans and how they are spending every waking minute working toward them.   I hoped that this person didn't totally miss what was happing now in their life and sacrificing 'today' for 'tomorrow'.   Let's face it...'tomorrow' never really comes.   It's always just beyond our reach.   All we have is now, today.

So, back to re-evaluating your goals/dreams/plans for 2016.   I want you to make sure that yes, you do work for those things that you want to accomplish.   BUT, I also want you to make sure that you have left enough time in your life to appreciate what you have now and to enjoy your 'today'. Remember, life is not lived in the is only lived in the present!

It really got warm today.   Mid 40's.   Snow is melting away fast. Can you believe that it is supposed to be in the 50's and possibly 60's next week!  Weather extremes abound.   The weatherman on the station I watched during the blizzard said that he has been around for all of the top ten storms in this area.  All I can say is WOW!

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