Thursday, February 4, 2016


Have you ever experienced a creative block?   Like a writer's block?   Or an artist's block?   Well, that seems to be what I am experiencing right now in regards to writing.   I just seem to have a hard time doing it...even the morning pages that Julie Cameron suggests doing in 'The Artist's Way'.

My question is how to break out of it?   I seem to be able to create in other areas but not write.   Speaking of other areas, here are my latest tags.   Some are good, others not so much...

One thing that I am discovering is that I am not especially fond of using stamps as a focal point.   Background, okay.   I seem to enjoy drawing or painting to achieve different effects.   My stamp usage doesn't seem to be creative to me.  And the same goes with using ephemera.   There was a time when I used it more but not lately.

As a matter of fact, I really haven't been creating with fabric, my favorite medium to use.   So, I figure that I am just kind of in limbo creative-wise.  

On the other hand, I am reading more.   And I am keeping up with my exercises and getting out everyday. Today, I walked to the post office to mail off my inchie swap.   It was cloudy and a bit cool but not enough to bundle up.  
Well, I'll just keep on keeping on, looking forward to the day when those creative juices surge again.

Until than,
Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...