Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Do you ever get a flash of, I don't know, maybe insight?   A sudden understanding of life...your life? Maybe you heard someone say something that resonated with you, or you read something.   Or maybe it came to you unbid, out of the blue.

I think it best that you treasure those moments of insight and tuck them away with the understanding that this may be your life's work...what you were destined to do while riding on this spaceship we call Earth.

Some folks go through life without aim or focus, drifting from one commercialized promise to another without finding satisfaction in either.   While other folks are rushing around looking everywhere for that special insight, that purpose, without finding it because they are too busy looking for it outside themselves.

We can read all the books we want, attend all the workshops available, talk to everyone but, in the end, we each only have to consult ourselves and wait for the answers.

I remember when my children were small, the six week muffin was all the rage.   What is a six week muffin?  Well, it's a muffin batter chocked full of good things that would stay fresh for six weeks in the refrigerator.   All we had to do was ladle some into a muffin pan and bake for a quick and hardy breakfast.

And I must say that I still make it occasionally, only in small batches, because it was darn good.  If you're interested, there are all sorts of recipes on the internet...just google it.

Well, at Choosing Volunteer Simplicity they took it one step further. They freeze the batter is muffin size portions.   I like this idea even better than keeping a large container of batter in the refrigerator, especially when I am in Duchess with a small frig.   Check it out, you just may find it fits your needs.

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