Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Today was a busy day.   The temperature high was only in the low 40's so some of the walkways were pretty slick especially in the AM.   And the recent torrential rains caused a lot of flooding in the parks leaving lots of dirt on the walkways which in turn froze over night.   A messy affair.

Tomorrow and Friday are in the high 30's and low 40's but the weekend is looking like it's back to the 50's plus.   Believe it or not, I am looking forward to warmer weather.   Also, sunnier days.   I think the constant stream of cloudy days is getting to me.   Do you ever feel that you really miss sunny days?

Remember the Strathmore Online Workshops?   Well, the next set has been announced.   You can check them out here.   There are three different online workshops and all of them are free.

The first workshop is called the Sketchbook Fury - The Art Ninja's Guidebook.   The instructor is Graham Smith and the beginning date is March 7, 2016.

The second workshop is called The Mind of Watercolor.   The instructor is Steve Mitchell and the beginning date is May 6, 2016

And the third and final workshop is called Colorful Creations with Markers.   The instructor is Will Terrell and the beginning date is September 5, 2016.

I'm actually looking forward to the third workshop.   I have never taken any class, online or in person, about markers.   And since I seem to be using them more and more this class could be helpful.

So, have you thought any more about your relationship with your family and friends?  I hope so and I hope that you have discovered how important you are to both yourself and to others.   Have you tried journaling about your feelings yet?   I've been journal writing but not creating any art yet.

Tomorrow is another busy day.   Hopefully, Lady J and I will be going to the thrift store and donating all the stuff packed in her.   I love to walk around and check things out at the thrift store but considering how much I am decluttering, if I purchase anything, it will have to be quite a buy.   And something I am looking for.

That's it for today...
Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...