Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Let's just consider New York City.   Four days ago, the temperatures were frigid with wind chill temperatures from -5 to -25.   And then snow yesterday.   But today, the temperature was 56...56!
Along with torrential rains and high winds.

Now consider the nation where there is a heatwave in the southwest with record breaking high temperatures.   And the deep south along the gulf coast had tornadoes.   And ice in the Virginias and Maryland.

Picture me shaking my head...I'm in awe of this weather map!

I have a couple more tags...

When I posted these on the One Tag A Day group, I had to add that my tags seemed very simple compared to most.   I am adhering to the 15 minutes a day per tag.   I figure that I must work very slowly because my tags are no way as beautiful and complex as the others. Oh well.  I am enjoying this challenge and find it a great way to begin my creative day.

'Let's get personal!'  So, my question to you is where do you assign yourself in relationship to your friends and family?   Are you number one, are you last or are you somewhere in between?

Women who consider themselves Boomers are often in conflict with the answer to this question.   When we were young, we rebelled against the cultural norm of women serving others, of being a second class citizen.   And we did move the needle, especially for our children.

But, the feeling is still there for women.   If you put yourself first, you are selfish.   If a man puts himself first, he is justified because...well, he's a man and household chores even when both work are just not his responsibility.   That is changing, thank goodness.

But most of us still put ourselves somewhere other than number one.   And that's wrong.   First of all, it says that we do not value ourselves.   But there's an even more important factor here.   If you are constantly giving (which most of us do) without replenishing ourselves, the well will run dry.

Now, putting yourself first doesn't mean that you only take care of yourself and leave others to fend for themselves.   That's not what I mean.   Putting yourself first means that you value yourself and what you can do for and with others both family and friends enough to make sure that you take care of yourself.

Sure there are times when something important takes priority.   Like a newborn.   Or taking care of a sick person.   But even then, you have to make sure that you take care of yourself.   If you're up all night with a crying baby, does the house really need to be in perfect order?  Putting yourself first means that you rest so that you can be there when your baby needs you.

So, this Weekly Prompt was my way of suggesting that you think about how you value yourself. After all, you are definitely worth it.

Thanks for dropping by...
Take care of yourself...really...
Talk to you tomorrow...