Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Well, this was an interesting adventure at the toy store.   The scene is this:   I and my grandchild were waiting in line to checkout at a toy store.   Only one cashier open but the line wasn't too long.   The lady in front of me left and came back to the line several times.   I let her back in each time.   When the last person at the register was almost finished being waited upon, I stepped up to place my items on the counter, but she came back and barged in.  

I explained that she left the line several times to which she said that it didn't matter, she was in line before me.   In an extremely loud voice she let it be known that I was in the wrong and she was right. I just smiled and turned to my grandchild and said that not all New Yorkers were like this to which she got even louder and madder trying to get folks to side with her.

I let her check out first and then we checked out and left the store without any further disruption.   My question is basically what would you do in this case?   If she had asked me to save her place I would have gladly said yes, but she left many times and never bothered to ask.   I didn't think it was worth any effort to argue but she sure did. And yes, I really do know that most New Yorkers do not act this way. I find most sincerely pleasant.  Guess there's always one, right???

How do you like this puzzle?  We just finished it.   I have a couple more puzzles to do as well as a couple games to play.  And tomorrow we are going to the American Museum of Natural History. I purchased tickets to see three different venues including the butterfly exhibit.   Dark Universe and the National Parks are the other two.   Both grandchild and I are looking forward to this adventure.

Thursday will be touring the working kitchen at the restaurant in Bronx...should be fun!

Today's adventure - along with the questionable adventure at the toy store - will be games, puzzles and ordering take-out for dinner!   Yeah, no cooking!!!

I will take pictures tomorrow to let you know how the trip to the museum goes...

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...