Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Getting to the American Museum of Natural History located on 81st Street, west side of Central Park, via the subway was easy enough.   Especially after I found the A Train at the Jay Street-Metro Tech stop.  

Now the A Train is an express but I didn't realize that it went from 59th Street all the way to 125th Street in one fell swoop.  An easy fix, though, just got off at 125th, walked across to the downtown B/C train which was local.

And the stop is right at the museum.   So in we went.   Love this picture of the stairway from the entrance we used...

We saw the I-Max show on the National Parks, the Dark Universe in the Planetarium Space Show Theatre and the Butterfly Exhibit.  We also saw other exhibits but for the most part, pictures were not allowed.

I do have several butterflies...

We climbed fifteen floors - most of them at the Museum.   There are elevators if needed.   And we walked over four miles, again, most at the Museum.

I have to say that the map of the museum was not very helpful.   They needed more reference points.   The food in the food court was expensive but satisfactory,  The museum stores were great, but unfortunately all their computers were down so they could only take cash purchases.

Was it worth it.   Definitely YES.   I think I would break the visits down a bit differently but I will be going back.  

I wanted to show you my 'Easter Basket' gifts.   Actually, I found all of these in the extreme mark down section of books at Barnes and Nobles.   $25.99 book for $3.00.   Now that's a bargain.   And they were all my favorite mysteries AND I haven't read any of them yet!!!

Well, tomorrow is the Bronx...another early day.  
So I will say thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...