Thursday, March 31, 2016


Wow!   This is the last day of March...where did the month go?   It sure went by fast for me.   How about you?  You know, I always heard that when you reach a certain age - like mine - that time hangs heavy and goes very slowly.   Sure isn't my experience.   It's traveling by faster than a bullet train!!!

On the other hand, getting to the Bronx today was slow...SLOW.   First the N train which is an express in Brooklyn for our part of the trip was stopped several times.   Then when we got off at Union Square to catch the 4/5 express, there was an announcement that due to a medical episode, the express trains were running late.  

As a matter of fact the first one due to Union Square was fifteen minutes out.   So we took the local 6. The problem there was that the 4/5 trains were routed at times to the 6 track. In other words, it took a ton of time to get to our stop in the Bronx.

But we got there in time for my grandchild to explore the kitchen and help out the other students with simple tasks.   My grandchild loved every minute even though it meant working for six hours straight.   Me, I read, played some games, sampled some fantastic food and generally enjoyed myself.

One thing I have learned about having a young one around...I do have to keep a schedule and get back to accommodating another person in my life.  And as this may be a summer experience also I have to get my act together a bit better.   On the other hand, I will be more attentive to a schedule including exercise.   Should be interesting.

I may be a bit crazy but I volunteered to lead/plan focus groups in the Empire's Quilt Guild next year. I figured that it would keep me involved in something and, let's face it. I love doing it so why not.  

Well, tomorrow's another full day so I think I will call this post done.
Thanks for reading...
Talk to you tomorrow...