Thursday, March 17, 2016


I will be gone this weekend, visiting family in Maryland.   This morning, I packed my suitcase to get everything ready for tomorrow's road trip.   As I was drinking my mid-day coffee, I thought it would be wise to check out the weather so I know what the driving conditions were going to be tomorrow.

Boy, was I surprised...snow...Snow...SNOW!!!   Really?   Now that I finally found some evidence of spring, we are going to have snow?

Well, after looking at the highs for the weekend, I decided that what I packed was probably not going to work.   So, I took most things out and hung them back up, and picked out that warmer...things to pack.

The suitcase is once again ready.   I have also taken out my winter boots, gloves and scarf just in case I need them on the way back on Monday.   And here I thought they were put away for good.

Even with the forecasts, I am looking forward to the drive down and spending time with family.   It's always a lot of fun.  

Linus and Lucy are going downstairs to spend the time at a relative's apartment.   Their cage is large and on wheels so that should be easy.  And I don't want to put temptation in front of Chip and Dale for an entire weekend.

Chip and Dale will be spending their time in my apartment but, once again, the same relative will come up to spend some time and make sure they have enough food and water while I'm gone.

I may not be able to post tomorrow or Monday, but I will definitely be back on Tuesday.

And an update on the search for a dentist...still haven't found one.   It's a good thing that I am not in any pain whatsoever.

By the way, if anyone signed up the Basic Crazy Quilt Class, I hope to see you on line.   I signed up myself and am looking forward to having some fun experimenting with a crazy quilt block.

Thanks for dropping in...
Stay warm...
Talk to you when I can...