Thursday, March 24, 2016


Today started out nice...sunny and warm...but this evening it has turned dark, cold and windy I guess in preparation for the rain that's supposed to get here tomorrow.  I have closed the windows and put on a sweater to stay warm.   Spring?!?!

I went grocery shopping today.   I hadn't really been to the store in a long time so the cart was a bit full but I shouldn't have to do a major shopping for at least another month or two.  I was surprised how few folks were shopping.   The cashier said that tomorrow and Saturday would be a mad house, though.   Happy that I did the shopping today.

Once again, tomorrow I will be driving through Brooklyn to drop off a vehicle and then on to PA to pick up some documents and, of course, stop at my favorite waffle place - The Waffle House.   Have you ever had a Waffle House waffle?   They are fantastic.   I know the place is known as a greasy spoon but not the waffles.   They are out of this world.

I'm looking forward to finding some of these on my walks... far they have eluded me.   Or, maybe they just haven't popped up yet.  

I have been looking through some of my work to decide what to do with finished projects.   For instance this...

And this...

I guess both need additional work but my question is what to do with all the artwork that I have finished.   Right now I have them in folders.   What do you do with your finished pieces...that is, drawings and paintings?

I do use many of the paintings in my journals but the drawings and doodles (And I have tons of them.) just sit there in a folder. Suggestions?

Oh, and I have found a couple dentists that I like.   Just waiting on some information about costs of dental work.   I have found differences can run as much as $1500 to $2500 between offices. Call me frugal...if I can get the same quality of work done cheaper...I will do it.

How are your plans for Easter coming along, that is if you celebrate Easter?   I have the menu set and most of the ingredients purchased.   Just have to stop at a Greek Deli and a Greek Bakery for the rest.

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...