Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Another cool, damp, dreary day today.   Tomorrow the weather forecast is for warmer weather but lots and lots of rain.  Not sure which is better...warm and rain or cold and dreary!!!

I realized that I haven't posted any of my tag challenge art in quite a while.   Don't worry, I won't post all the pictures at once but here are a few of them.

I bet you can tell that I am working through a graphic image course.   One of the tasks was to draw and draw and draw.   Mostly of simple objects.   And then some fanciful designs.   

The last tag is a replica of a crazy quilt block that I am working on.   What I am learning in this course is mostly about the embroidery stitches.

I have an old crazy quilt in my quilt collection that was made by my grandmother.   The piecing is mostly wool.   I don't know what the batting is but the quilt is extremely heavy. 

Here's a close-up of some of the handwork...

Remember when I was on the hunt for a dining room table.   Well, I didn't really want it to eat at, although I have done that.   I didn't get it to use as a decorative addition, although I have done that also.

No, what I really wanted it for was this...

I just never really used it as a puzzle center until my grandchild came to visit.   Well, now that the 'ice has been broken' so to speak, I will probably have a puzzle going from now on.   I really do enjoy working on puzzles, how about you?

And I found the perfect cover.   I use a very large plastic tablecloth with felt backing folded in half so that the felt is on the inside.   It slips on and off very easily and with double thickness, I can place other things on the table if needed without moving the puzzle pieces.

Well, tomorrow I will share what was delivered today.   I haven't used it yet but can't wait.   I'll let you know how it works.   Hint:   It will help in quilting...and no, it's not a new sewing machine!!!

Thanks for visiting today...
Talk to you tomorrow...