Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Wednesday is my normal talk day but, boy, today was something.

I Skype with a couple friends and we discuss our lives as well as the book we are currently reading together.   Problem is that when three of us are on Skype, one (me) does not receive the video of the other two.   They see each other but not me.   At least we can all hear each other.  Still trying to work this problem out...and yes, my camera is on

Then I wound up talking with my brother and since we hadn't talked for quite a while, we talked for quite a while!   Catching up on each other's lives, plans, thoughts and ideas.  

And once again, another conversation with a friend who was going through some problems and just needed to air them out with a sounding board who listens and provides only support and not solutions.

I was thinking that perhaps I should implant a phone?!?!?   No, don't take that the wrong way, I really did enjoy each and every conversation.   It's part of my community and community is, for me, what makes the world go 'round!!!

I have some more tags from the tag challenge.   After taking pictures, I realized that I forgot to label and date each one.   They are now dated and labeled.  I do need to get another ring.   I really can't force anymore tags on my current ring which is a very large one.

So, tomorrow I will be Bronx bound.   Looks like a sunny warm day which will be treat considering the weather we have been having lately.   Now that I think about it, I can't believe that tomorrow is already Thursday.   Time flying by again.   Does it ever slow down?

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...