Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Yesterday I woke up with a really sore neck/shoulder.   I figured I must of slept on it the wrong way...or something to that effect.   Took several doses of pain meds plus most of the day with the heating pad to alleviate the pain.   Thus, no post.  

Today, I am much better but with some aches and pains due to the wild weather changes.   From dark, cold and rainy to sunny and warmer.   I won't say warm because I put on a sweatshirt while I had the windows open to air the place out...and the radiators were pumping out heat all day.

So I managed to really clean the apartment well today...it needed it.   I also have my appointments lined up, neither of which I am looking forward to!!!   The only really necessary thing that I have to complete this week is...drum roll...my taxes.   I always file them on the due date in April.   Don't ask me why, I just do.

One very nice thing arrived in the mail last week.   The title to Lady J. I am now free of car payments.   What a wonderful feeling.   That means that the only bills I am paying are for current living expenses...oh, and my supplemental insurance, but I guess that could be part of my living expenses.   It is approaching my car payment.   Thing is, I really don't use it, but it was sure great to have when my husband was in the intensive care unit for so long.   So, I guess I will keep it.

I pulled out some of my hand work.

Each of these blocks is hand stitched.   I have a couple more scenes to finish up as well as more nine patch blocks which will also have some type of applique.  My aim is to put together a wall hanging with different sizes of blocks - all nine patch - plus different sizes of landscaped scenes and kind of hang it all together with a brightly colored binding and strips between the different units.   I'm not satisfied with the blocks butting up against each other so I think I will definitely sash each with the same fabric.

I really do love primitive art type of scenes.   Shouldn't be a surprise, my favorite fall trip is to Bennington, Vermont to visit the Grandma Moses Exhibit at the museum.   Like I have said many times, I just smile and smile and smile when I look at her paintings.  And yes, I have managed to visit yearly for the past several years.

The Dear Jane Quilt is always on display at this time also.   It's a wonder to behold even though many of the fabrics have faded.   The thought of sewing that blanket with that many pieces - 5,602 pieces - is mind boggling to me!

I have gotten a bit further with the puzzle.   Still haven't found the last tiny edge piece, though.

Well, that's all for today.   Think I will call it a day and take a few minutes to rest.

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