Monday, June 27, 2016


New Weekly Journal Prompt...explore your sense of wonder.   You know, many of us older folks kind of forget our sense of wonder.   Try to reach back and remember how you marveled at discoveries made when you were a child.  

Remember that worm that wiggled when you picked it up?   How about the lightening bugs that sparkled in the evening?   Or the waves that crashed on shore the first time you saw the ocean?

Did you ever try to catch lighting bugs in a quart jar?   I remember poking holes in the lid and placing grass at the bottom of the jar.   Then I would catch one and quickly put the lid on.   I never kept it for very long.   That's one thing that my folks taught me...I could catch one if I was careful not to hurt it. But after a few minutes I had to let it go again.  

But those moments when I had one in the jar and watched it light up were full of wonder.   How could they make light?   Did they communicate with other lightening bugs?  Where did they live?  Etc. Etc., Etc.

What did you wonder about when you were young?   I bet if you began a list, it would go on forever and ever.   Now what did you wonder about when you were a child that still makes you wonder?  

I wondered, and still wonder, about a lot of things like rainbows, and gardens, and lightening bugs. How can I incorporate those things of wonder into my activities.   Well, maybe by planting a garden? No space in an apartment?   How about a small pot of herbs, or waterless plants?  

Rainbows?  How about incorporating the colors in an artistic adventure with fabric or paints or colored pencils?

Lightening bugs?  How about sharing the experience with a small child?   Catching and letting go a lightening bug?

See, there are lots of ways to explore your sense of wonder!   You just have to take the time to do it. And, if you're like me, you will enjoy doing it even if only in your mind!!!

Went to Central Park for a walk this weekend.   My son and grandchild walked ten miles and climbed 25 flights of stairs (There are lots of stairs in Central Park!).   Me?  I walked five miles and climbed seven flights of stairs.   The weather was nice even if a bit humid.   And today, my grandchild and I walked 2 and a half miles and climbed six flights of stairs.

Getting back into the grove of walking after taking a few weeks off!!!

I did take some pictures in the park...

That's all for today.   My grandchild and I are going to be doing some origami, begin a puzzle and read for 30 minutes.   (We missed our 15 minutes yesterday, so today we have to double our reading time.)

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you later...