Friday, June 17, 2016


Friday!!!   I know I say it frequently, but time seems to be just flying by...   Anyway, yesterday I managed to get the bathroom scrubbed top to bottom.   I even used a product to clear out my drains so everything is flowing well.

I keep the kitty litter in the bathroom and I was familiar with the dust that settles on everything from daily cleaning.   What I was surprised at was how much fur was on the walls.   You couldn't see the fur but the minute I washed the walls, the fur just filled my rags.

I also got the bedroom completely cleaned and rearranged ready for my grandchild.   Let me tell you, I could have knit a sweater with the fur that I found under the furniture and in the corners under the beds.   Wow.   And I thought I was on top of it.

Of course, I did have a full vacuum bag.   Once I changed the full bag to an empty one, boy did the suction in my vacuum increase dramatically.

I cleaned the kitchen.   I moved the microwave from on top of the refrigerator to a table so it will be easier for my grandchild to use. Everything had a layer of grease and the top of the frig a double one. It took a long time to wash everything but it sparkles including my shelves with all the appliances.

And I even got the laundry done including several blankets.

Today, I did my monthly shopping and it's all put away.  

So that leaves tomorrow to clean the living area and my studio.   I am also rearranging the studio so there will be an area for my grandchild to use.  

Speaking of studio, Karen Valentine over at My Desert Cottage is doing another Where Bloggers Create.   Check out her blog.   July 15th is the date to post information.

Well, this has turned into a kind of boring post.   Sorry about that.   I will probably not post again until next Wednesday.   Monday, I will be traveling to Maryland and Tuesday back to NYC.

Thanks for reading this...
Talk to you later...
Have a really great weekend...