Monday, June 13, 2016


This weekend was once again heart rending.
To all who lost loved ones, my hope is that you will find your way through your grief.
To all who were injured, my hope is that you will find healing of both mind and body.
To all who continue the fight for equality of LBGTQ, I support you.
And to all who want basic gun control, I stand with you. 

Here are my latest Art Tags...

One of the techniques that I wanted to work with which is definitely out of my comfort zone is using and photographing metallics.  I succeeded somewhat in the second tag in the top picture and the bottom picture.  The metallics didn't really show up on the other tags.   Good news.   See the date on the bottom's date.   I am not only caught up with making my tags, but also posting them!!!!

Well, with the exception of a dental appointment tomorrow, this week is devoted to getting ready for my grandchild who will be staying with me the rest of the summer.

There's a new weekly prompt posted.

Not much else to say today...
Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you later...