Friday, July 1, 2016


Really, it's already Friday?   Really?   Where does the time go?

We spent two days at Bear Mountain Memorial Park, driving up each day.   It's only about 26 miles from the GWB.   Of course, getting to the GWB (George Washington Bridge) will take about an hour to an hour and a half depending on traffic.   Rush hour...two hours!!!

There are a ton of trails in the park including the Appalachian Trail.   Many of the trails are manicured and easy, some are quite difficult and some are downright impossible!!!   My son and grandchild did all three.   Me?   I stayed on the easy ones, did a lot of reading and drawing.

The first day, after we finished, we stopped at a Dairy Queen and treated ourselves.   The second day we brought a picnic lunch with us.   The temperatures were not bad and of course, at the top there was a constant breeze.

And yes, I took pictures, first of some flowers (you know me and flowers)...

The views were really spectacular.   Check out these photos (Warning...lots of pictures!!)...

The Perkins Tower is at the top of Bear Mountain...

The gate to drive to the top of the mountain opens at 8:30 and closes at dusk.   The road is well kept, there are plenty of parking spots and you can access all the trails.  

There were thunderstorms forecast for this afternoon, which did arrive, so we stayed home today...well, we did walk to the store for a few items.   Then we baked three loaves of regular bread (Maybe not the best thing to do in very humid weather.) which didn't rise as much as normal but still tastes very good. We also baked three loaves of banana bread and my grandchild made tacos for supper.

We have begun two daily practices. Each night we are writing down three things that made us happy during the day.   And we are doing our own small card art challenge.   Each day we will draw something on the cards which are 2 3/4 by 3 1/2 inches.

Well, tomorrow is the dreaded Beacon Hill climb...for my sons (two of them) and grandchild.  Me?  I will be browsing through Goodwill and a craft store.   I know my limits!

The Fourth is this Monday.   I hope everyone has a great celebration and finds some fireworks to enjoy (even if on the tv.)   I will be watching the Macy's fireworks, live.   Right now I am enjoying natures fireworks, complete with sound effects!!!

Keep safe
Have fun
Thanks for visiting
Talk to you next week