Monday, November 14, 2016


Grant us the grace to change what is easy, 
The courage to change what will be difficult, 
And wisdom to see the need for both.

Okay, now, let's be honest.  How many of you, especially those of us who were shocked last Tuesday, took a look at a calendar and were shocked again...Thanksgiving is only ten days from now!!! And you know what that means...Christmas will be following close on it's heels....

Yes, I know the two shocks are not at all comparable...but in each situation some levity is helpful! Right? Yes, we need to work though last Tuesday's shock...but then we need to...well...check out my version of the serenity prayer above.  It's really about hope...hope for a better future for all of us.  That about sums it up for me.

"...a bit of orange left..."

If you're new here, I asked folks to think about one thing each day during the month of November to be thankful for.  You don't have to write it down, journal about it or collage it...just take the time to be thankful/grateful for something each day.  As simple as a nod from a stranger to a new addition to your family.

And today I am thankful for the ability to smile...yes, I did say smile...even though we may not feel like it.  When my husband died, it was's difficult when anyone close to you is no longer present.  One of the things I cherished during those days was the relief and support I felt when someone said something that made me smile...even laugh.  Crying is good, but so is laughter.  So today I am thankful that I can smile.  How about you?  What are you thankful for?

I've been slowly making changes around my blog, that is. One change is the list of Christmas Ornaments that I am compiling. There are only a few at this point. but I will be adding those from past posts including instructions. You can access them on the side panel under...drumroll...Christmas Ornaments!! Another change coming soon is all about the 'Still Kicking Quilters'.

Six women make up the 'We're Still Kicking' Quilters group and they get together twice a month.  So beginning in January 2017, I will be sharing events in the lives of these quilters, twice a month. Fiction?   Yes, but drawn on many years of life and living.

Why 'We're Still Kicking'?  Well, because all of these women are well into the sunset of their years...make that over 65 and well into 80's.  BUT, they feel, as do many women in real life, that they are not ready to be shoved to the sideline and made to feel unimportant, not contributing.

Our quilters won't be solving murder mysteries (Who knows, though, maybe at some time down the road, that may wind up to be one of the storylines.).  Mostly, they will be dealing with everyday, ordinary problems and experiences in their lives. Sometimes successfully, sometimes, not so much.

One thing that keeps this group coming together twice a month is 'Quilt Making'.  Some of them like to do the actual art of quilting. You know sewing a top, batting and backing together by hand, or with the sewing machine.  Some are toppers who really like to make the top of a quilt but would rather send it out to be quilted. And some like to design quilts.

But the real reason that they show up twice a month to meet with each other really boils down to one overarching thing...friendship! Yep, they are friends.  Friends who may not see eye to eye on all things but still value one another. Friends who pull together when one of them is hurting. Friends who will be there when needed.

Between now and the end of the year, I will introduce each quilter to you, one at a time,  sharing things about their lives, their loves, their problems and their successes.  I hope all of you come to know and love these quilters as I have.  And will enjoy reading about their escapades.

Watch for their debut in January...

I'll share some links to a couple of very thoughtful articles, pictures from the Empire Quilter's Guild program with Paula Nadelstern, and, hopefully, another Christmas Ornament.

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