Friday, February 10, 2017


My home, as I said before, is decorated more like spring than winter. I have some beautiful roses (silk) on my table so I thought I would find a real one I photographed to 'decorate' my blog. I can almost smell the sweet fragrance which is unusual because many of the hybrids have no scent. But I remember this one did.


I really had a hard time with this round robin piece. There just did not seem to be anything more that I could add other than borders.

Part of the problem were the uneven sized border strips plus the single brown strip on one side. So, after trying circles, squares, borders, etc. I came up with triangles. There is a lot of gold in this piece so I top stitched the triangles with gold thread.

Also, the fabric the triangles are made out of have lots of gold. The triangles blend in colorwise much better in person than they show up on the photo.


I managed to bond fourteen pieces of fabric.

I cut four inch squares for each participant with which to snip.

It doesn't seem like a lot but with this technique, small pieces go a long way.

Well, tomorrow I have two workshops to present. The Fun with Snippets and Creativity. The guild sent out an email letting folks know that we will be meeting tomorrow but I'm not too sure how many folks will turn out. There's a lot of snow and ice but the weather is supposed to be in the mid forties so maybe it will not be too bad.

Have a spectacular weekend and enjoy yourself...
Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you next week...