Thursday, February 9, 2017



New York City has snow! Central Park had about 9 inches, but the rest of us, like Queens, had 12 inches. And, yes, it was beautiful...


My decision to add pockets to the covers has worked out well. This is a picture of the pockets before I sewed them to the cover.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of them with the pockets sewn on but this is how the notebook looks with the pages inserted.

Now the notebook closes without bunching up AND lays flat when opened.

Another item that I am giving to the workshop participants is a small, blank banner. This one measures about 10 by 12 inches.

I even finished the backside hems.

So what are the notebooks and banners all about in my creativity workshop? Well, I will let the participants decide on exactly what they want to focus on but I am asking them to take one aspect of creativity, look for it and note it in the notebook for one month.

As for the banner, I am asking them to create an inspirational banner just for themselves in whatever way they want: Words, pictures, drawings, fabric art. Something to inspire them to remember and value their own creativity.

I have been working on the outline all day and have the workshop outline basically done. Tomorrow I need to finish getting supplies ready for the 'Fun with Snippets' workshop which is also this weekend.

On the home front, my Christmas decorations are down and packed away. I guess I have mostly spring things up now. I know I am rushing the season, but I am having cataract surgery in a couple weeks and with that comes limitation to my lifting, 2 - 5 pounds for several weeks. So I decided to get things done ahead of time.

Hope all is well with you...
Enjoy the evening...
Thanks for coming by...
Talk to you tomorrow...