Friday, March 2, 2018


Well, I don't know what the weather is like where you live but we really are experiencing what has been called a 'Bomb Cyclone'! Alternate Side Parking was not cancelled today which meant I had to move SnowWhite. I needed to pick up some meds at Valley Stream so out the door I went only to be met by snow! Snow? This was supposed to be a rain event.

It turns out that there is a mixture of snow, sleet and rain...along with hurricane winds. Let me tell you that as I sat in the parking lot and the gusts came up, SnowWhite (which is no shrinking violet as she is a truck) was rock and rolling!

Two semi-trucks turned over on the top level of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge which closed the bridge to all but cars, etc. Lots of trees are down, switches have broken on the subway and regular trains are not running on the coastal areas. Add to the wind, the predictions of flooding which had already taken place on the Belt Parkway, and you have New York City folk experiencing one big mess.

Here are last week's One Little Tag Challenge tags...

I seem to be running behind in posting photos of my challenges but that's because I am behind in actually taking the pictures!!!

Yesterday was another day of house hunting. I think I drove around 275 miles. There was one really nice house with lots of land, but I think the house has foundation problems. Going to look into it, though, and actually find out. 

I did find out one lucky fact, I love the eastern part of New York, especially the lakes and areas surrounding them. They seem to be less of a vacation spot and more year round living. That is a plus for me.

The lights are blinking...I hope that doesn't mean that I am about to lose electricity...I think I will close now, just in case.

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