Monday, April 9, 2018


I have yet to see robins although several folks around here have told me that they have seen robins. But do you see what's in the photo above? I took it on the way home from my artists' meeting this afternoon. Yup, it's favorite weed!!!

There were also several clumps of jonquils...

But I really can't wait until these open. The trees all over are like this...

I'd say that they might open tomorrow but rain is forecast so I'm not sure if that will hamper the buds from opening or not.

So, my schedule last week was really shattered. I was out every day but Monday (remember 9" of snow and lots of ice here). I looked for housing, went fishing, went hiking, met friends from Minnesota, etc., etc., etc.

This week, things are back to normal. I did go to my artists' group meeting. One of the things we do is give impromptu demonstrations, share what we are working on, etc. Today I learned how to make a needle out of thread for use in beading. Very interesting.

Several folks were working on their 12 by 12 pieces for the show. Some were crocheting, some were collaging, and lots were doing handwork. Me? Well, I worked on some samples for my upcoming focus group at Empire Quilters.

I'm still recovering a bit from all the running around last week, so it is early to bed tonight. How about you?

Lots of things planned for the week,
I'll share them with you later,
For now, thanks for showing up here and reading my blog,
Talk with you tomorrow...