Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The little blue flowers are hard to see in the above photo; but in person, the entire place had a blue hue because there were so many little flowers. I took this photo this past Sunday. So, you can see that not only is the snow gone, but the spring flowers are showing up...although someone told me that these were weeds. Well, I like weeds including dandelions and whatever these little blue flowers are called!

Have you ever just taken a day and binge watched a program. That's what I did yesterday. I enjoyed the first two seasons of Broadchurch and didn't realize that there was a complete third season. Well, once I began watching I couldn't stop...thus, not much got done yesterday.

The really neat thing about yesterday was that I gave myself complete permission to just sit and watch without any guilt. There was a time when I would have felt totally guilty for spending an entire day watching something...no longer. I am adult enough now to realize that what I choose to do, especially something I want to do, is okay to do. Anyone else have those problems? It took me a while to understand that I was imposing that guilt on myself for no real reason...after all, I am retired.

I went fishing this past weekend and for the first time, there were lots of folks in the parks, many having picnics. So next weekend, I am bringing food to cook/eat on a picnic. Many of the parks have picnic tables and grills right next to the water so one can cook and fish at the same time.

Check out this picture of a duck standing on a log...
...still no fish large enough to keep. But for me, the relaxation of fishing is enough!

So, I finished the paint with fabric piece and began another one. This one I am calling something like 'Fringed Nesting' or 'Nesting Fringe' or something to that effect. I fringed all the scrap pieces of fabric keeping the threads. I then spread the threads around the edge of the fabric.

I have stitched the fabric and thread down using a free-motion stitch with gold thread. (I'm still in love with using gold!) This time it was difficult. Not sure why but I think it is the background fabric that was the culprit. I have the first round of the stitching done, but now want to go over it once again really filling in all the areas with close stitches.

The temperature was in the low 60's today so I had the windows open. I even filled the bird feeder as it was finally dry enough. (Although I think rain is coming in once again...at least it's rain and not snow!)

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Hope you had a great weekend...
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