Friday, April 27, 2018


I took my teacup/mug exchange packages to the post office this afternoon. It was dark, cool and rainy. But, I stopped and took the above pictures. Spring has finally sprung here in Brooklyn!!! Sun seems to be hiding, though, at least today...and the pollen count is still high even with the rain. At least the rain washed off the yellow hue that was on SnowWhite.

There were so many other errands that required attention that I didn't have an opportunity to photograph the two pieces of fabric creations which I talked about yesterday. That, plus it was so dark that I know my pictures wouldn't have come out well...excuses, excuses...I know. This weekend, I promise.

Well, it's time to get things ready for another early morning leaving (yes, I am going fishing...and I hope that we will catch something at least big enough to keep!!!).

I hope your weekend has grand plans (even if they are only rest and relaxation!). And I hope the weather cooperates.

Thanks for stopping by this week...
Talk to you next Monday...