Thursday, April 26, 2018


I took this photo in Fairhope, Alabama at the park by the dock that extends out into the gulf about four years ago. The flower is simply perfect...and no ants. Ants? Yes, ants are always climbing on these flowers.

So today was busy. I finished up the teacup and mug exchanges including taking photos of each but I can't post them until I am sure that the recipients receive the exchanges.  I also finished up framing the fringed nest project.

And I changed up the framing on the paint with fabric project. Sometimes I can be a little too exacting but one of the black borders was about a quarter inch off and to me it was really noticeable so I took it off the frame, resewed the border and the reframed it on a canvass without the wooden frame. But, alas, I have no pictures tonight of either one. Hopefully tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I need to move SnowWhite back to a Friday spot and then walk to the post office and mail my two packages. One to Arizona and one to Canada.

If you have bird pets, you are familiar with this phenomena...night frights. About 2:30 my two parakeets went crazy, flying in the cage (which is very large), into the sides, and squawking. I took the cover off, turned on lights and talked softly to them. One was hanging from the top and the other was on the side closer to the bottom. And no, Chip and Dale were not involved. They woke up when I did.

Anyway, it took about 20 minutes before I coaxed them back to their normal sleeping perch and watched as their breathing slowed down.  When they began acting normal, I covered them up again but left a light on. Today, they are just fine. Me? I missed that took about an hour to get back to sleep.

Well, I hope everyone had a great day and that the weather is springlike where ever you live.
Thanks for checking things out here...
Talk with you tomorrow...