Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Rest In Peace
Barbara Bush
She was a loving and caring wife, mother and grandmother.
May those who are left be supported by the knowledge 
that many thoughts and prayers are
being shared with and for them.

Mrs. Bush was not in my political party and there are times when I disagreed with her greatly. But I have to say that she was a gracious, loving woman who was not afraid of doing things others would not. Remember when she went to a home filled with HIV-AIDS babies and held them and rocked them. For folks who do not understand the stigma that anyone with HIV-AIDS had, it was very, very bad and she showed all of us how to treat them with compassion.

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I thought that maybe I would end my blog with the above, but then I realized that I had several photos to share. Photos (not great ones) of my two challenges. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I shared them with anyone. I also need to post them on my Pinterest board. So here are the tags and Project 365 Somethings. I used a lot of shiny 'stuff' in both the tags and the Project 365 Something, so some pictures have a bit of a shine.



I actually have another week of challenges but have not photographed them yet...soon.

If the weather this past weekend was bad where you live, I hope things are calming down.
Thanks for stopping in...
Talk with you tomorrow...